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Cabinzero cabin bag review

The lovely folks over at @cabinzero sent me a 44L cabin bag to try out on a recent trip so here’s what I thought.


Me and #mycabinzero off on our next adventure


I am a wheelie case kinda gal. The standard cabin baggage size wheelie holds my weekend getaway bits ‘n bobs and I wasn’t sure what to expect from the backpack. Firstly let me start by commenting on how much bigger it was than I expected. I laid out my usual wheelie case beside the backpack and they were the same size. Delighted. That means I can pack as much as I normally would, into my case. Win.

See, same size. Now to get packing.


  1. I loved how the case zipped fully open so you can load it like a case. I hate having to root around to the bottom of a rucksack looking for that one elusive item that has no doubt found its way to the bowels of your bag.
  2. There is a large, packable area inside and a pocket at the back of the bag for documents, your laptop, and the like. There is also a handy zip-closed full pocket at the front of the bag if you want easy access to your passport or emergency items.
  3. There is a mesh zip pocket that I used to store my liquids bag and it was easy to find going through security at the airport. There is also another pocket that you could put your laundry bag into. Or not, whichever!
  4. There are 4 clips outside the bag for extra security. That bag is closed up nice and tight.
  5. This baggie is light and strong with sturdy, padded straps which were comfy when I had the bag on my back.
  6. The website says that if you like them on Facebook you get a 25-year warranty for the bag. That’s pretty freeking cool. And easy.
  7. No fear you will get your bag mixed up with another passenger’s as these bags come in such bright, cheerful colours, saying that I wanted the ice grey one but it was sold out. Because apparently, I am Eeyore!
  8. My packing cubes slotted in nicely so there was no fear of my clothes and bits sliding around my bag as I rushed to my gate.
  9. If you have small sprogs and need your hands-free you can rest assured that you have all your short break packing in your backpack and your hands-free to deal with little messes and hold little hands. Something you cannot do with one hand on a wheelie case, let’s be honest.


All of these fit in, no problem.



  1. I really liked the tracker tag feature that Cabinzero mentioned on their website but maybe I was being thick but I didn’t notice a code on my bag to register it for the tracker tag.
  2. While this is partly my fault for packing the bag to the brim I must admit that it was a heavy option (10kg) to cart around when I was walking to the train station. My wheelie case would have meant I wasn’t bearing the luggage weight on my back.
  3. I found it a little tricky getting a comfortable length on the straps, if I am honest. I had them tied tightly so that the bag was snug on my back and there was little space between my bag and my back and this pulled at my neck so I loosened the straps. This resulted in more pulling and I literally had the bag on me about 20 minutes.
  4. If I had not had packing cubes I feel the contents of my backpack would have all slid to the bottom and meant crumpled and squashed items. **edit*** I have spotted on the CabinZero website they have packing cubes so that solves that problem.
  5. In hindsight, the colour was a knee-jerk choice by me. I am like a magpie and was drawn to the pretty colours but these colours while bright and cheery do not go with everything. (is that a legitimate con or just me being picky!?). I feel like this last one isn’t really a con, it’s just me so scratch that!


I was ready to go but had to wait for the others and their checked luggage!


Many thanks to Cabinzero for gifting me this well made, strong backpack that I know I will use for future staycation trips. I don’t feel I will use it in place of my wheelie case however as I didn’t enjoy carrying the full weight of my hand baggage on my back. Yes I know there is a handle on the side and I could have carried it that way like a briefcase but that is not really feasible, let’s be honest!

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