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Chasing waterfalls in Powerscourt, TLC style.

Oh it wouldn’t be Paddy’s weekend without a little rain. And true to form the clouds left the tap running, all.dam.weekend. Bring it on, weather. We are used to this and will enjoy our weekend, in spite of you. Powerscourt waterfall has been on my list for a while. I love Enniskerry and the Powerscourt Gardens are a must see if you are visitng Wicklow/ Ireland, not to mention the spa in the Powerscourt Hotel being one of my favs. EVER! Sigh, it seems that once you attach the name Powerscourt to something it becomes a golden ticket!

So, despite the fact that it was raining sideways today, I’m not even kidding. Sideways! Into the car we jumped on our way to the Garden of Ireland.

Powerscourt waterfall is a short drive from Enniskerry village and well signposted. (How to get there link here)

A short 30 minue drive from south Dublin via Stepaside village or via the M50 motorway

It’s spring and as an aside can I just mention that I am obsessed with seeing lambs. Their cuteness and little bleaty voices are too cute for words. I just want to pick them up and put them in my pocket. But that, I have been informed, is stealing and not cool.

So I definitely screeched the car to a halt when I spied these babies in a field on the way to the waterfall.

Does anyone know any farmers who are bottle feeding their lambs at the moment and need a hand? Asking for a friend.

Right, on we go. The entry fee to the falls is €6 and payable at the entrance gate. I assume you need cash because the girl came out and had no card machine with her soooo… heads up about that.


The road up to the waterfall carpark is a beautiful tree lined drive with beech and larch trees and I read they have some redwoods too. FTW! There is free parking (well I suppose you have paid for it at the gate!) and plenty of picnic benches if you fancy bringing some lunch with you . They do have a coffee shop and facilities as well as a lovely wooden playground for the kiddies.

The short walk down to the waterfall allows you to bask in its beauty as you approach. The falls flow down over the cliff edge almost 400ft above. Show off!

Aedamair being a dot as we approach the falls.

The waterfall is the highest in Ireland and while I must be honest and say I prefer Torc waterfall in Muckross, this comes a close second. 20170319_131550



Peekaboo falls. I see you!

There is also a river walk a little further on from the waterfalls but since it was raining we didn’t venture too far this trip. This spot is a great place to bring kids (and look for snipe-here snipe, snipey, snipe!!) and a bite to eat and I’m sure it is even better in the summer. Although you will possibly be fighting for parking space as I’m sure it is very popular.



Check out the link here for more information about the Powerscourt waterfall and your next Sunday funday visit out there!

Opening Times

• Jan/Feb/Nov/Dec 10.30am – 4.00pm
• Mar/Apr/Sept/Oct 10.30am – 5.30pm
• May/Jun/July/Aug 9.30am – 7.00pm
• The Waterfall closes 2 weeks before Christmas each year

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