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Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong – Review

I had about 16 hours in Singapore and that included sleep time so this was by far the fastest flying visit to a city I have ever made. Since I knew my time was limited and so too were my opportunities to tour the city, I chose a hotel I felt would be a little luxe and still affordable, one that wasn’t far from the action but still had an authentic feel. I had heard about the Hotel Indigo chain from a friend of mine who stayed at their Rome location and loved it, so it seemed to me to be a good choice. I love when I’m right!


Singapore is expensive. That I had been told a million times. So rather than taking a hotel car from the airport, I took public transport and arrived at my hotel about 45minutes later (Take the #36 bus from the lower floor in T1. Have exact change as the buses don’t issue change. The bus cost about €2.) alighting at One Amber/ Mountbatten Road/ Amber Garden stop (stop number 92099).


From the moment I saw the rooftop infinity pool and the green foliage clad front wall of the hotel online I knew I wanted to stay. When you are in a city for such a short time why not enjoy where you are?


Dark mahogany walls and desks greeted me at reception, along with a welcome tea. It’s the little touches, amirite?! Large, beautifully painted pots and urns stacked by the lifts introduced me to the hotel’s eye for detail and authentic, traditional notes sprinkled amidst modern style.


Love these ornately decorated pots in the foyer.


The room

I really enjoy the feeling of opening the door to your hotel room for the first time and the impression that impacts you straight away. This room oozed charm. The mix of old and new, cultural touches and modern twists reminded you where you were but in a subtle and gentle manner. Floor to ceiling windows are impressive in my book and so was the arty feel to the room. Check out the photos below and decide for yourself.



The room boasts an ultra chic bathroom that is annexed from the bedroom by a sliding paneled door. My favourite touch was a beautiful bowl for washing your feet after a long day of exploration. The traditional ‘Good Morning’ towel and foot scrub merged the ritual of foot ablutions with a pampering edge. Wish I could have taken it home!

I’m not a boiled sweet fan but if I were the jars in the glass cabinet would have been devoured. What a ‘sweet’ touch. Yip, I did it. These little jars held popular Singaporean candy for you to sample. How cute is that?!


The pool

I like a rooftop pool as much as the next person, particularly when that pool is an infinity pool and you can enjoy the sunset from above the city. Notions level: through the roof (yip, did it again!). Plus, it was quiet and peaceful up there with very few other guests and minimal splashing. Bliss.

The breakfast

I won’t lie but I completely judge a hotel on their breakfasts and my food memory of a place sometimes erases any other flaws I picked up on. Since my short stay had uncovered no flaws it was down to the breakfast buffet to seal the deal. It.Was.Delicious!


Not only was there a cold buffet of fruits, yoghurts, meats and cheeses as well as a selection of breads and juices, there was a menu of hot dishes of equal scrumptiousness. The friendliest waiter I have ever met took my order and I regret not getting his name to thank the front desk. He was so sweet and attentive and helpful. I encountered my very first mangosteen and had no clue what I was doing with it. He stepped in and casually showed me how to open and scoop out the sugary goodness within without making me feel like an absolute goon.


The hotel’s proximity to the ECP means you can be at Gardens By The Bay in 15minutes via Uber and only 14 dollars (approx) poorer. Don’t forget that while you are enjoying the hotel the final ticket sales for the Sky Walk and Cloud Garden is 8pm so leave in time. I did not but still got to enjoy this view.

What are you waiting for? Book your Singapore stay and thank me later. I know I sound like I work for the hotel. I don’t! I just loved how my stay in a city, notorious for packing a punch to your tourist pocket, still felt fashionable chic and simultaneously cosy without costing me my soul. The fact that the style, staff and food were also top notch meant I left my ‘fly by’ visit with a fuzzy feeling about Singapore.

Hats off to you, Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong. You have impressed at every turn. I cannot recommend this hotel more to you. Your Singapore stay should include this hotel for affordable luxury and fond memories to boot.




Disclaimer: I received a discount on my stay at the Hotel Indigo Singapore but as always all opinions are my own.

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