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Essaouira and all the cats. All of them.

Midterm is a whole week off work, just begging to be filled with adventures. Essaouira is a 2 hour and 45 minute air-conditioned recliner-seat bus ride away from Marrakech. Why not go and get another Game of Thrones filming location photo as well as soak up some authentic Moroccan seaside atmosphere? Great choice, folks! Let me… Read More Essaouira and all the cats. All of them.

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Meandering in Marrakech

Throngs of people and horn honking traffic. The echoing call to prayer from the many minarets across the city. Watching the sunset from the rooftop terrace of my riad in Marrakech. This is what I love about travelling.  This North African treat is just waiting for you to explore it. I went over the November midterm… Read More Meandering in Marrakech