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Island Hopping Continues- Naxos


By far one of my favourite islands on this trip. Reached by ferry, which I had pre booked before the holiday began, because I don’t like leaving too much to chance and I’m not that much of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal. Go to  and book your tickets. It’s easy. Depending on which island you go to prices range from €15 to €50. Foot passengers are ushered on first, cattle style. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Now, where were we. Ah Naxos. You beauty you. It was my first intro to Ancient Greek architecture and history. The Temple of Apollo is right there, at the port. It was, granted mostly rubble and overturned pillars except for the Stargate style gateway that remains standing. Still. Pretty freaking cool, I thought!

Freshly caught calamari chilling in the sun.

Naxos is waaaay cheaper than Santorini and Mykonos. So much cheaper. We stayed in the Kapetanos Rooms , about a 15 minute walk from the port, again up hill. But whatchagonado! The price was very reasonable and perfect for us as we didn’t spend much time in the room at all.

It was more of a pension with a twin room, bathroom and little outdoor terrace space including a table and chairs. In our room, there was a fridge and table and chairs. Grand.

Naxos seems to cater a lot to Italians, with many menus in Italian, many Italian style restaurants along the harbor front and many Italians on holiday there. There is more of a family feel to Naxos and the umbrella and sunbed rental is an affordable €8. Oh just wait until you get to Mykonos. €8 seems like a distant memory.  We booked a fun day sailing tour with

Sailing Day trip

We booked a fun day sailing tour with Naxos Sailing and Captain George. €80pp (booked in advance and paid for via paypal, discounts available for parties of 5 or more) includes your day’s sailing adventure, a chance to steer under the guidance of Cap’n George, drinks and snacks on board, use of snorkels and torches for the Rina cave swim and a cd of photos taken by the captain. We stopped on the little island of Schinoussa for lunch. Bring your wallets. And we had some time to go for a dip or a wander after the restaurant. It is well worth the money and I would recommend it if you are in Naxos for a few days. The water is so amazingly blue and clear, it is breathtaking.cropped-20160811_1041211.jpg

Our Naxos sailing day trippers
Rina Cave swim
Cliff jumping outside Rina Cave

We found the Oasis restaurant on trip advisor. Do try to get there if you can. The food is lovely, the prices are very reasonable, the staff are wonderfully helpful and the wine is yum! What’s not to love?!

Vammos beach bar is also certainly worth a mention because their passion fruit mojitos are to die for. NOt literally, obviously.

View from Vammos beach bar.

Naxos port is the terminus for the buses to Agios Prokopoios, one of the most beautiful beaches in Naxos. So we hopped on the bus and a short 15/20 minute ride later we were on the golden sandy beaches We rented two sun loungers and an umbrella for €8 and the tavernas nearby often have table service for the  loungers in front of them. Club sandwiches and cold bottles of water whenever you want! This beach was very popular with families and they do have some larger cabana style day beds with room for a few ids and their many beach toys.

Trying out my waterproof phone pouch!

Naxos also has a charming old castle and church a short walk up into the narrow white washed back streets. There is a sign called Old Market over a laneway in Chora and from there you can explore the craft shops, linen stores, small museums, and get a leg day work out climbing steps. I love old doors and there is no shortage of beauty and charming surprises around every corner. The view from the top, over Naxos port is beautiful. Well worth the ‘climb’.

Beautiful handmade craft shops are hidden in the back streets of Naxos.
Turned a corner up by the castle walls to see this stunning covered lane.
I love old doors!
‘Not all who wander are lost’
At the top
I still have no clue why there were so many wooden penis shaped bottle openers on every island. Can anyone explain this?!

Naxos, you have my heart. Loved my few days here. I hope you enjoy it just as much.

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