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Plan your morning stroll on the Campuhan Ridge Walk

Yip, this is another early morning leg day activity for your Ubud vaycay! The Campuhan Ridgeway was casually mentioned by more than a few people so I figured it deserved to be on my to-do list. The heat at 7:30am was bad enough. It genuinely felt like I was wading through thick oven air. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to haul yourself up there any later in the day. Even the locals don’t suggest you go from 12-3 but early morning and late afternoon are bang on.



How to get there

Grab your camera and be prepared for glistening sunrises, rice fields (near Karsa Kafe) and jungle views. The walk was about 8k round trip and we stopped once the road changed to tarmac. There are plenty of pit stop locations to get a cold drink or a hot coffee, whatever floats your coconutty boat. Start the trail by the bridge at the end of the village beside the sign for the IBAH hotel. Follow signs for ‘going to the hill’, oddly enough and you won’t get lost.

Past this bridge on the left is the IBAH Spa (Heading towards Ubud centre)

You will pass a walled temple on the way up the steps. I just love the intricate stone work on these temples and ornate carvings.



At that hour of the morning expect to encounter joggers and walkers but few tourists so relish one of the few places to just be while in the middle of a jungle landscape.

While there are plenty of other rice fields to visit, I loved the morning light on the water in these fields.


The entire walk took about 2 hours but you can speed that up or slow it down depending on your level of activity and how many coffees or coconuts you need to stop for!

There’s plenty of lush greenery along the way but make sure you have mosquito spray on because those bugs will find you, no matter what!

Keep an eye out for art galleries, shop front decor and road side trinkets and the odd chicken. Plenty to see and do!

Lace up your running shoes and clock your steps for the day before you’ve even had breakfast.


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